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1. Have only Amer­i­cans walked on the moon? 2. At the Rio Olympics, 19-year-old Katie Ledecky of the USA won four gold medals and a sil­ver in (a) archery (b) eques­trian (c) swim­ming? 3. Which mem­ber of the royal fam­ily re­cently an­nounced he was re­tir­ing from pub­lic du­ties? 4. The Statue of Lib­erty is made from what metal? 5. A re­cent global sur­vey ranked which Aus­tralian air­line as the worst in the world? 6. Who did Pres­i­dent Trump re­cently re­fer to as a “nut job”? 7. Which club won the 2016-17 English FA Cup fi­nal? 8. “Dear­est dar­ling I had to write to say that I won’t be home any more, for some­thing hap­pened to me while I was driv­ing home,” are lyrics from which song? 9. Which 39-year-old was re­cently elected Pres­i­dent of France? 10. Be­gin­ning with “f”, what is the term for a usu­ally harm­less speck sus­pended in the vit­re­ous hu­mour of the eye? 11. Who cap­tained New South Wales in the 2017 State of Ori­gin se­ries? 12. Which Queens­land for­mer fed­eral MP and min­ing boss re­cently an­nounced he had lost 58kg since start­ing a strict weight-loss plan? 13. A statue of which for­mer Aus­tralian net­ball cap­tain was re­cently un­veiled in Bris­bane? 14. Is chloro­phyll a green or red pig­ment found in plants? 15. The pres­i­dent of which coun­try has been dubbed “Duterte Harry”? 16. Which for­mer Eng­land soc­cer cap­tain had a cameo role in the re­cent movie King Arthur: Le­gend of the Sword? 17. Straw­ber­ries and cream is a tra­di­tional dish served at which ten­nis grand slam tour­na­ment? 18. Dubbed “Cap­tain Cow­ard”, for aban­don­ing his ship in 2012, Francesco Schet­tino’s 16-year jail sen­tence was re­cently up­held. What was the ship’s name? 19. Which Euro­pean coun­try de­clared war on the United States in 1898? 20. In which chapel does the elec­tion of a pope take place? 21. What was the term for the mur­ders com­mit­ted by Ian Brady and Myra Hind­ley near Manch­ester in the 1960s? 22. Which Western Aus­tralian lost $32,000 when she was dis­qual­i­fied for for­get­ting to sign her score­card in a re­cent LPGA tour­na­ment? 23. Based on the dates of Civil War bat­tles, who was preg­nant for 21 months in the novel Gone With the Wind? 24. Which mem­ber of the royal fam­ily crash-landed an air­craft on the Isle of Is­lay in 1994? 25. In 1931, which fu­ture Bri­tish prime min­is­ter re­ceived a head wound and two bro­ken ribs while cross­ing a street in New York City?

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