There’s no need to stress about find­ing some­one to mind the kids so you can make your way to your lo­cal yoga stu­dio... There’s a whole world of yoga just wait­ing for you in your very own home.

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Why not open your com­puter and dis­cover the world of on­line yoga that is wait­ing for you to show up?


If you haven’t done yoga be­fore, don’t start with the classes that tar­get spe­cific ar­eas, such as arms or legs, as guar­an­teed they’ll be dif­fi­cult and you’ll won­der how you could ever try it again. In­stead, start with classes that ac­tu­ally say ‘be­gin­ner’. Not only will th­ese classes ease you into a reg­u­lar prac­tice, they’ll have more de­tailed in­struc­tion and leave you feel­ing more re­laxed.

Look for classes where you can pick the length - 10, 30 or 60 min­utes. Ti­tles that have the word ‘re­lax­ation’ are also great to be­gin with. Th­ese classes are typ­i­cally slower and gen­tler. There is noth­ing worse than be­ing over-zeal­ous and choos­ing a v or Power class that kicks your butt into never want­ing to try again!

In other words, if it’s too hard, don’t beat your­self up…just take a break or pick an­other class that suits you.

One thing to re­mem­ber is, of course, that in the world of on­line yoga, the teach­ers can’t see you, duh! So, you are not go­ing to get that per­son­alised at­ten­tion you may get from a live teacher. Don’t let that stop you though! If you end up a lit­tle frus­trated or con­fused…just mod­ify it, or lie in child’s pose till you re­cover, then start again.



Comfy clothes, a com­puter with in­ter­net, a yoga mat or towel to prac­tice on…and at least ten min­utes.


If you get in­ter­rupted, just go back to it later. Some­times kids can’t wait…but yoga can and it will al­ways be some­thing you can look for­ward to when the kids are asleep.


Once you learn a few poses you can do them when­ever you feel like it. Why not stand on one leg in tree pose (bal­ance on one leg) while you wash the dishes? How about stand­ing and break­ing out a few chair poses (sim­i­lar to a squat) while you are on the phone? Or stand in war­rior (wide stance) whilst rock­ing your baby to sleep. There are many ways you can in­cor­po­rate yoga into daily life – get cre­ative and ex­per­i­ment!

No mat­ter what you are do­ing if you draw your at­ten­tion to your breath and move con­sciously, then you are invit­ing yoga into your ev­ery day rou­tine. Be­ing aware of your breath is the foun­da­tion of yoga. In­hale and ex­hale and no­tice how you feel. No­tice where your breath moves to in your body. Prac­tic­ing this en­ables us to let go of that mon­key chat­ter that goes on…and on and on…in our mind. When we let all the dis­trac­tions fade away and in­stead fo­cus on our breath, we find that the noise in our head be­comes qui­eter, and even if it’s just for a minute, the ben­e­fits of this are so worth it. Spend­ing this quiet time has been shown to in­duce a sense of calm and re­duce the ef­fects of stress. Yoga has a lot more to of­fer than just the poses. Once you look into it you will dis­cover breath­ing tech­niques, med­i­ta­tion, cleans­ing prac­tices, mind­ful­ness and more - and yes, you can find it all on­line. Yoga is an op­por­tu­nity to jour­ney into the self and to find ways to live a life that is more peace-filled and con­scious. It gives us ac­cess to liv­ing well and lov­ing life by be­ing the best version of our­selves pos­si­ble.


If you don’t want to get into the poses just yet and what you are up for is the re­lax­ation side of yoga, you can try Yoga Nidra. This is a beau­ti­ful guided med­i­ta­tion that fa­cil­i­tates a deep, mind­ful rest that re­freshes and re­vi­talises you.

A quick Google search will de­liver you lots of dif­fer­ent ver­sions. I like this one from Blooming Lo­tus Yoga. ( watch?v=vvld­c6m­zlva) You can even get a Yoga Nidra app on your phone.

So next time the kids are quiet, be­fore you sit on the couch with a cuppa and chocolate bis­cuit, try out some yoga poses or Yoga Nidra - in the com­fort of your own home, in your trackie pants or py­ja­mas. Who cares what you look like? No-one can see, and if you end up only do­ing a few poses, or only get­ting through a few min­utes of the med­i­ta­tion be­fore fall­ing asleep on the floor, then smile to your­self and know you got ex­actly what you needed.

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