Set aside 10 min­utes of quiet time.

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Lie down or sit down and al­low your­self to be com­fort­able and warm.

Close your eyes and bring all your at­ten­tion to your breath.

Breathe in and out – let­ting your chest rise and fall.

Let go of any tension in your body as you ex­hale.

If any thoughts pop into your mind, just let them

go as you ex­hale.

Al­low your­self to feel safe and pro­tected.

Bring to your mind what it is you’d like to feel more of in your life.

Peace, ease, suc­cess, mo­ti­va­tion, plea­sure, fun, or­gan­i­sa­tion.

Think about what it is you’d like to re­solve and ask your­self...

“How is it that I need to be in or­der to ex­pe­ri­ence that?”

Feel how it would feel to feel that.

What would you say to your­self if you had

that now? What can you say to your­self to in­vite more of that now?

Al­low a short phrase or sen­tence or even just a few words to come to

mind that cap­tures that.

Breathe in and out and think upon the sankalpa that just came to mind.

If it is not a per­fect fit tweak it a lit­tle, but know that even if it is not per­fect, it may just re­write it­self to fit you bet­ter as you go about your day.

If noth­ing comes to mind then use “I am peace.”

Let it sink in as you re­peat it to your­self aloud or

in your mind.

Spend a few min­utes think­ing and feel­ing this.

Then bring your aware­ness back to your breath.

Feel your belly rise as you in­hale and fall as your ex­hale.

Then slowly bring some move­ment back into your body and open your eyes.

Now that you have formed your sankalpa, find mo­ments ev­ery day to re­peat it to your­self. You can sit qui­etly and do this, or you can re­peat it while wash­ing the dishes, or at a stop light.

Let it come to you when you need it.

Just a lit­tle ef­fort to dis­cover your sankalpa and even one five minute prac­tice of re­peat­ing it to your­self is enough to set up a chain re­ac­tion that will as­sist you in liv­ing a life aligned to your path.

It is your own per­sonal guide re­mind­ing you that you are al­ready that which you re­quire to achieve your goals.

It is your friendly re­minder that will move you away from ‘too much’ and to­wards ful­fill­ing your life’s pur­pose.

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