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Linux Format - - ROUNDUP -

All the tools were in­stalled us­ing their rec­om­mended in­stal­la­tion mech­a­nisms. Tools that were eas­ier to install and use were rated higher. We also look at us­abil­ity with re­spect to their fea­ture set: a fea­ture-rich com­mand-line pro­gram may not be a bet­ter op­tion than a sim­pler but in­tu­itive graph­i­cal tool that gets the job done. We also looked at the help and doc­u­men­ta­tion of­fered.

We didn’t test the se­cu­rity pro­vided by the tools, be­cause they all use in­dus­try-stan­dard ci­phers to en­crypt the data. We did, how­ever, take note of the ones that en­able their users to se­lect the en­cryp­tion ci­pher and its strength. We also rate them for their con­fig­ura­bil­ity op­tions and tools that work across plat­forms are rated higher than those that cater to just one plat­form. The tools are all in­stalled atop an Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 in­stal­la­tion.

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