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EncFS is pri­mar­ily a com­mand-line tool that you’ll find in the repos­i­to­ries of vir­tu­ally ev­ery desk­top dis­tri­bu­tion. While it doesn’t have an of­fi­cial graph­i­cal front-end, Gnome users can use the GnomeEncFSMan­ager to man­age and mount en­crypted di­rec­to­ries. How­ever, you’ll have to switch to the ter­mi­nal to set up EncFS en­crypted fold­ers. The pro­gram re­quires two di­rec­to­ries be used to keep en­crypted and de­crypted files. It’s com­mon prac­tice to store the en­crypted files in­side a hid­den di­rec­tory. When you in­voke EncFS it prompts you to se­lect one of two con­fig­u­ra­tion modes. There’s the pre­de­fined para­noia mode that uses AES ci­pher with a key size of 256 bits. Ad­vanced users can run EncFS in ex­pert mode, which en­ables you to man­u­ally pick the var­i­ous en­cryp­tion set­tings. Sim­i­larly, when you mount a new en­crypted di­rec­tory, you get two pre-con­fig­ured set­tings with dif­fer­ent en­cryp­tion set­tings.

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