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Ver­aCrypt is a fork of the now-de­funct TrueCrypt project and has in­her­ited most of its par­ent’s func­tion­al­ity and also some quirks like its li­cense, which is why it isn’t avail­able in any dis­tro’s soft­ware repos­i­tory. The project also doesn’t ship bi­na­ries for pop­u­lar dis­tros, but in­stalling it is sim­ple. The pro­gram has wiz­ards for com­mon tasks such as cre­at­ing en­crypted vol­umes and then mount­ing them, which makes it ideal for to new users. There’s has an op­tion to bench­mark the speed for the en­cryp­tion and de­cryp­tion of var­i­ous sup­ported en­cryp­tion ci­phers. You can use the soft­ware to or­gan­ise vol­umes and mount them with a sin­gle click. You can change the en­cryp­tion pass­word and add or re­move key files to vol­umes. Con­duct­ing some tasks us­ing its graph­i­cal in­ter­face is fairly straight­for­ward, while oth­ers re­quire some dig­ging around.

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