Yes you Can­tenna!


Wardrivers some­times em­ploy long-range an­ten­nas to both ac­cess and ex­ploit Wi-Fi net­works from a great dis­tance. The NextG Tur­boTenna (around £70) can de­tect net­works from hun­dreds of feet away. It’s pop­u­lar with campers to make use of free Wi-Fi hotspots!

If you’re handy with a sol­der­ing iron, con­sider build­ing your own can­tenna. This in­volves find­ing a Wi-Fi USB don­gle with a de­tach­able an­tenna and re­plac­ing it with one you’ve made your­self us­ing a soup can or sim­i­lar. You’ll also need an N-male to RP-SMA­male ca­ble, a fe­male N-con­nec­tor for the can and some 12-gauge cop­per for the wire ele­ment. The di­men­sions of the can (ide­ally 3-4 inches by 5) and length of the ele­ment are cru­cial. You can find a cal­cu­la­tor here to get started ( www.chang­ can­tenna.php). You can also view in­struc­tions with pho­tos at­can.

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