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If you caught our Linux on Phones fea­ture last month (and if you didn’t you re­ally should as it was writ­ten most elo­quently), you may have been left feel­ing slightly de­spon­dent that there isn’t re­ally a way to have a ‘proper’ GNU/Linux in­stal­la­tion on your phone while still re­tain­ing stan­dard phone func­tion­al­ity.

This will change in the fu­ture and one of the key play­ers here is Plas­maMo­bile, which you can al­ready run on Nexus 5 and 5X de­vices. KDE Frame­works pro­vides com­po­nen­try much more ad­vanced than what’s avail­able in Qt 5, and, thanks to for­ward-look­ing de­sign de­ci­sions, can cater equally well to mo­bile and desk­top form fac­tors. These li­braries sit on top of Hal­ium, the ex­cit­ing ef­fort to stan­dard­ise mid­dle­ware and pro­vide An­droid com­pat­i­bil­ity for GNU/Linux on mo­bile. On top of them sits the new and ex­cit­ing Kirigami UI, which also de­fines its own phi­los­o­phy about how pro­grams should lay out their UI/UX. It’s not just for mo­bile ei­ther, be­ing suit­able for use in con­ver­gent pro­grams across de­vices.

Un­for­tu­nately, con­ver­gence seems to be a thing that’s not quite fruc­ti­fied yet, but in the event that it does it’s nice to know that there’s a great frame­work for mak­ing them look pretty. You can see Kirigami in ac­tion on An­droid in the Sub­sur­face div­ing app. It has as a con­trib­u­tor: one Li­nus Tor­valds…

Soon your drag­ons will be able to run li­bre OSes on their phones. Soon...

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