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Peo­ple who write code are gen­er­ally more de­mand­ing about the fea­tures of their text ed­i­tor of choice, but that doesn’t mean that other mor­tals don’t care. De­spite the fact that there’s a plethora of text ed­i­tors avail­able, and we’ve re­viewed the best of them, here we go with yet an­other. Notepadqq’s dis­tinc­tive­ness lies in it mim­ick­ing the world-fa­mous Notepad++. The lat­ter is an open source, yet Win­dows-only, pro­gram, and is ex­tremely pop­u­lar among power users. Notepadqq isn’t a di­rect port of Notepad++, but a third-party project that tries to im­ple­ment the same fea­tures in a fully plat­for­min­de­pen­dent text ed­i­tor.

Nat­u­rally, there isn’t a 100% match be­tween the two, but Notepadqq comes very close to its coun­ter­part. It sup­ports code high­light­ing for more than 100 lan­guages, search as you type, doc­u­ment re-en­cod­ing, mul­ti­ple in­put, line sort­ing, line breaks and many other fa­mil­iar fea­tures, all in a friendly tabbed in­ter­face.

Notepadqq is a very wel­come tool for de­vel­op­ers, thanks to its other cool fea­tures, such as col­umn se­lect mode (hold Ctrl+Alt and draw a se­lec­tion), reg­u­lar ex­pres­sion searches and re­al­time high­light­ing. As long as Notepadqq is a smaller project, it can’t boast a mas­sive num­ber of ex­ten­sions, but it still has the of­fi­cial con­nec­tor to Node.js mod­ules. You can write your own ex­ten­sion us­ing the ded­i­cated NPM mo­d­ule that pro­vides the Notepadqq API, like this: $ npm install notepadqq-api When you have your own Node.js script or even NPM pack­age, pro­vide its path in Set­tings > Pref­er­ences > Ex­ten­sions, and it should work right away.

Notepadqq also fol­lows the Notepad++ style when it comes to man­ag­ing un­saved files. When you quit the ap­pli­ca­tion, it doesn’t ask you to save your changes, and it just quits. How­ever, the next time you open Notepadqq, it grace­fully re­stores ev­ery­thing. Even if the file is re­moved, Notepadqq still re­stores its con­tents – a very help­ful fea­ture!

“Even if the file is re­moved, Notepadqq still re­stores its con­tents”

The free se­lec­tion tool for text is sim­ply awe­some!

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