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We delve deep into the lat­est Ubuntu re­lease to dis­cover what’s new and ex­cit­ing in its new desk­top.

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We delve into the new Gnome desk­top of Ubuntu 17.10 to dis­cover what’s new and im­proved.

BBC Ba­sic is back!

Did it ever go away? We ex­plain how you can enjoy the olden days and re­live your BA­SIC cod­ing youth.

Ad­min­is­te­ria is back!

Pop those sysad­min hats back on, we re-en­ter the deep­est and dark­est dun­geon of Lin­uxFor­mat Tow­ers.

Dis­tro build­ing is back!

Screw you Ubuntu, we’re build­ing our own dis­tro! Cre­ate a cus­tom desk­top, add your own apps and bun­dle it up.

Cus­tom desk­tops are back!

Stop hav­ing new desk­tops heaped on to you – we Roundup the best of the crop for you to run and enjoy.

Our sub­scrip­tion team is wait­ing to take your call.

LXF 231 will be on sale Tues­day 21 Nov 2017

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