Parted Ma gic 2017 09 05

Linux Format - - NEWSDESK -

Par­ti­tion­ing hard drives is a com­mon task, and this live CD/USB dis­tro is an ex­cel­lent tool for do­ing so. A re­cent up­date brings GParted0.29.0, the 4.12.9 Linux ker­nel, as well as pack­ages to sup­port Btrfs and ZFS file sys­tems. The Clonezilla app has also been up­dated to 3.27.13, and a num­ber of other apps and tools have also been up­dated to their lat­est ver­sions. The changelog at https:// part­ed­ con­tains de­tails about this up­date that’s now avail­able to down­load.

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