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An­droid_x86 is a bit of an odd con­tender to be in­cluded in this Roundup be­cause it’s ac­tu­ally de­signed to be a dis­tri­bu­tion. As men­tioned ear­lier, you can use the rpm file to in­stall it and run your lap­top as an An­droid de­vice. When you re­boot into it, you can im­me­di­ately log into your usual user pro­file and in­stall ap­pli­ca­tions from Google Play. This makes for a truly re­spon­sive de­vice be­cause the un­der­ly­ing sys­tem is smaller. You could, of course, tweak your Linux in­stall in­stead. When you emu­late, you run into sim­i­lar re­source is­sues as with the other em­u­la­tors in this Roundup, but they’re less se­vere. This pack­age is by far the best for us­ing ap­pli­ca­tions, but we would rec­om­mend it for test­ing pur­poses un­less you specif­i­cally want to de­velop for An­droid_x86. There are no sim­u­la­tion of cam­eras and turn­ing the de­vice from pro­file to land­scape mode, so ver­i­fy­ing such func­tions won’t work in this em­u­la­tor.

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