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If you can jump through all the trou­bleshoot­ing hoops that are in­volved when in­stalling AndyOS through Wine, then you might want to check it out. This is a com­mer­cial soft­ware that re­lies on Vir­tu­al­box, but the ISO file isn’t avail­able from the web page. How­ever, it may be in­ter­est­ing to test out if and when the de­vel­op­ers de­cide to sup­port Linux. They have had an al­pha test for Linux which re­cently closed, but they haven’t re­leased any of­fi­cial plans to move on with a Linux ver­sion just yet. AndyOS in­stalls with a Win­dows in­staller but if you use the Wine pack­age then you can ac­tu­ally get the in­stall run­ning and have it run­ning in a Wine ses­sion.

The think­ing be­hind AndyOS is that it caters for the needs of gamers and so it doesn’t have much in the way of test­ing fa­cil­i­ties or the tools for sim­u­lat­ing hard­ware of dif­fer­ent types. The fact that it’s ac­tu­ally de­signed for Win­dows makes it an out­sider in this con­text, but it’s a highly de­vel­oped piece of soft­ware that’s worth bear­ing in mind.

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