Ex­pand Emby’s ca­pa­bil­i­ties

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We’ve seen how Emby uses plug-ins to sup­port a range of TV tuners, but there are plu­g­ins that ex­pand other as­pects of the server, too. There’s the Auto-Or­gan­ise plugin that’s used to au­to­mat­i­cally fil­ter me­dia into the cor­rect fold­ers, but if you se­lect Plu­g­ins un­der Ex­tras in the Man­age Server dash­board and switch to the Cat­a­logue tab you’ll find other plu­g­ins too.

Many of these are used to help you or­gan­ise your li­brary – Auto Box Sets sim­pli­fies the task of cre­at­ing film col­lec­tions, while Game­browser en­ables you to link in your game li­brary to Emby and even launch games us­ing sup­ported front-ends. IPTV makes it pos­si­ble to im­port in­ter­net-hosted videos into your li­brary

Look out for Pre­mium plu­g­ins, which aren’t free (PlayOn for ex­am­ple), plus plu­g­ins marked as Sup­porter, which re­quire an Em­byPremiere sub­scrip­tion. No­table ex­am­ples here in­clude Trail­ers (linked to the movies in your li­brary) and Server Con­fig­u­ra­tion Backup, a handy tool for back­ing up and mi­grat­ing server set­tings.

Once plu­g­ins have been in­stalled, switch back to the Plu­g­ins tab to ac­cess them – click the ver­ti­cal el­lip­sis and choose Set­tings to con­fig­ure one, us­ing the tabs at the top to do so.

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