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There’s a cat­e­gory of open source ap­pli­ca­tions that’s full to burst­ing with ver­sa­tile so­lu­tions for ev­ery­body’s needs, and of course we’re talk­ing about mu­sic play­ers. We’ve al­ready come across Babe-Qt in LXF222, but since this project is rapidly grow­ing and rolling out new fea­tures every few weeks, we be­lieve it’s time to re­visit it and give this oddly named player an­other try.

Babe-QT evolved from the tiny al­bum art wid­get with player con­trols below it, into a more ver­sa­tile, fea­ture-rich and com­plex juke­box. The first time you launch the babe ex­e­cutable, you’re taken to the large Set­tings win­dow, where you can add your mu­sic di­rec­tory to the li­brary, drag and drop files onto the playlist area, and even play a YouTube video. Af­ter chewing through your me­dia li­brary and fetch­ing cover art, Babe-Qt is ready to rock!

Un­like many other ri­vals for your ~/Mu­sic trea­sury, this ap­pli­ca­tion en­cour­ages you to dis­cover its hid­den po­ten­tial. Nu­mer­ous tiny but­tons with pre­cisely crafted mono­chrome icons of a wind­mill toy, hare or a smi­ley are a very cool way to wel­come new users to fea­tures within the pro­gram.

Babe-Qt im­me­di­ately caught our at­ten­tion with its great search ca­pa­bil­i­ties that not only pro­vide the search as you type queries for songs, al­bums and artists, but also some­how finds sim­i­lar tracks. For ex­am­ple, when you type some­thing like “sim­i­lar: elvis”, Babe-Qt re­turns not only Pres­ley’s hits, but also a se­lec­tion of other artists’ tracks that it finds, which have the same mu­si­cal style. Other con­tex­tual queries are sup­ported as well. For in­stance, you can find all songs of an artist that con­tain spe­cific words in their lyrics. For ex­am­ple, “artist: lana,lyrics:never”.

As you’d ex­pect, you can al­ways hide all the ex­tended fea­tures by click­ing the Go Mini icon over the beau­ti­fully blurred cover art area. The Babe-Qt de­vel­oper presents new fea­tures of his player via the Google+ page ( in­stead of mak­ing re­leases at Github, so stay tuned and fol­low the updates!

“You can find all songs of an artist that con­tain spe­cific words in their lyrics”

The player in­stantly fetches al­bum art and lyrics for ev­ery­thing in your mu­sic li­brary.

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