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Hav­ing switched my desk­tops and lap­tops to that OS, I grav­i­tated nat­u­rally to An­droid for mo­biles and tablets. It’s a ker­nel thing. My first Nexus 7 from 2012 was a fine tablet, but it couldn’t keep up with the last An­droid up­grade pushed out to it. I’ve since moved on to the 2013 Nexus 7, which means that I still have a mostly un­used “grouper” ly­ing around for soft­ware rea­sons, as the hard­ware is still fine. Since this old tablet al­ready runs a Linux ker­nel, there should be a way to switch the rest of the soft­ware to a com­plete GNU/Linux dis­tro. Could this be made into a “conversion to Linux” ar­ti­cle? I read that some seven mil­lion Nexus 7 of the 2012 vin­tage were sold, so this may be a use­ful ar­ti­cle for other read­ers, too. Mare kBil in ski, Ot­tawa, Neil says: It’s just a com­puter so any­one will­ing to sup­port a Linux dis­tro on the Nexus 7 could do so. Bodhi Linux was avail­able to Nexus 7 users for a while, un­til the team dropped sup­port in 2013 as it was more work to sup­port than all of its desk­top builds put to­gether. You can still try it from

It looks like Lineage OS de­vel­op­ment has up­dated the 2012 model to An­droid Marsh­mal­low 7.1, which is your best bet for a happy ex­pe­ri­ence.

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