Con­fig­ure live TV sup­port

The hard­est part of set­ting up is get­ting your TV tuner con­nected to Emby – here’s what you need to do.

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Con­fig­ure live TV

Open Emby in your web browser and nav­i­gate to the Set­tings sec­tion. Se­lect Server Dash­board, scroll down and se­lect Live TV un­der Ex­tras. Start by click­ing the + Add but­ton next to Tuner De­vices. If you’re run­ning a HD Homerun Con­nect, click De­tect My De­vices and let Emby scan the net­work for it. Se­lect it un­der New De­vices and then click Save.

Add via ser­vice

Some ser­vices are sup­ported via plu­g­ins, in­clud­ing TVHead­End, so if you have that set up as your back-end, se­lect the Ser­vices tab to in­stall the plugin. It should ap­pear un­der In­stalled Ser­vices. Click the ver­ti­cal three dots next to its name and choose Set­tings to en­ter the in­for­ma­tion needed to ac­cess your back-end – user­name and password in TVHead­End’s case.

Add M3U stream

If your TV back-end or tuner sup­ports M3U streams, you can cre­ate one of these and con­nect Emby to your tuner that way. You’ll need to con­sult your tuner’s doc­u­men­ta­tion for de­tails of do­ing this, or visit http:// xmtv­ for a guide to cre­at­ing one man­u­ally. Se­lect M3U Tuner from the drop-down menu, en­ter the patch to the M3U file and click Save.

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