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Bodhi Linux 4.3.1, 32-bit OpenELEC 8.0.4, 64-bit PCs & Pi ArchLabs 2017.09, 64-bit LinHES 8.4.3 64-bit

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There’s not much to say about Bodhi Linux here that Jonni hasn’t al­ready cov­ered on page 16 – un­less you started read­ing from the back! It’s a light­weight dis­tro us­ing the Mok­sha desk­top, a fork of En­light­en­ment 17. En­light­en­ment is a great desk­top that ap­pears to suf­fer from de­vel­oper bore­dom syn­drome, where the devs want to move on to the next ver­sion be­fore the cur­rent one is fin­ished. Mok­sha aims to sta­bilise that by stick­ing to the ex­cel­lent 17 ver­sion. Bodhi is one of a shrink­ing num­ber of dis­tros to pro­duce a 32-bit ver­sion, so lovers of old hard­ware should grab this Le­gacy ver­sion while they can. Lo­gin de­tails: user­name bodhi; no password re­quired.

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