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Man­jaro love, elite Linux user hate, love for the lovely Hand­brake, hate for Ap­ple and its de­vices, but more love for the new look!

I have an old Asus F3J lap­top from 2005. The only Linux I could run on it was a 2014 ver­sion of PC Lin­uxOS. I re­cently tried to up­date it to a more re­cent ver­sion of said OS. No joy – ob­scure Grub and disk er­rors a-plenty. How­ever, I run Man­jaro within Vir­tu­alBox on my desk­top PC. How about try­ing this OS on my lap­top? I thought.

It booted even­tu­ally to the live (XFCE) ver­sion. Now it’s in­stalled on the hard disk with an Easy Sync wire­less USB stick, it runs faster than it ever did – and with the very lat­est Man­jaro ver­sion! So don’t dis­card your old hard­ware, try ex­per­i­ment­ing.

Maybe you could run some fu­ture ar­ti­cles on Man­jaro, as it’s the sec­ond high­est rank­ing Dis­tro, and de­serves recog­ni­tion. RogerFearn­side,vi­ae­mail

Neil says

Good work with your old lap­top. We are in­deed run­ning more on Man­jaro – it’s go­ing on this is­sues very disc. Plus I was talk­ing to a writer about do­ing some­thing specif­i­cally on get­ting old hard­ware to run with Linux – the move to 64-bit only is mak­ing this hard­ware trick­ier to use, but Bodhi 5 is still of­fer­ing 32-bit sup­port along­side other dis­tros.

Can Man­jaro do no wrong?

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