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We backed up the ThinkPad be­fore start­ing Win­dows (it be­gan start­ing but hold­ing the Power but­ton down quickly sorted that). We booted into Clonezilla and nav­i­gated its text-based menu wiz­ard. We con­fig­ured a key­board (op­tional, but we aren’t in the USA), and chose to work with disks or par­ti­tions us­ing images and to use SSH Server. These op­tions cre­ate a backup image on an­other com­puter con­nected us­ing SSH. You must next con­fig­ure net­work­ing (DHCP is the eas­i­est) and then en­ter the user­name, host, path and pass­word that SSH should use.

Next, se­lect ei­ther Beginner or Expert mode; the lat­ter of­fers more op­tions that en­able you to choose the un­der­ly­ing tools (such as part­clone or ntf­s­clone) and ap­ply op­tions to them. How­ever, the de­faults should work fine if Win­dows was prop­erly shut down. We needed to use Expert Mode and choose ntf­s­clone be­cause the de­fault com­plained about filesys­tems ap­par­ently not be­ing shut down cleanly – prob­a­bly be­cause we didn’t let Win­dows start, and were heavy-handed with that Power but­ton.

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