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Re­mem­ber that line in the VPN con­fig­u­ra­tion file for auth-user-pass ? We need to change that so that cre­den­tials file we just cre­ated is called au­to­mat­i­cally. This means you need to change that line to auth-user-pass vpn­lo­gin .

You can do that man­u­ally for the three or four servers that you think you’ll use the most, and then just set-up scripts to start those servers when you need them. But what if you want to pre­tend you’re in Swe­den for a day, or South Africa? Can you even re­mem­ber what the VPN pass­word was?

Nord VPN sup­plies over two thou­sand dif­fer­ent con­fig files, one for each server with both TCP and UDP pro­to­cols. To edit all those files at once open up an SSH con­nec­tion to your Pi and nav­i­gate to etc/ openvpn again. Now run the fol­low­ing com­mand to use SED for a batch edit of all the .ovpn files. find . -type f -name \*.ovpn -exec sed -i.bak ‘s|auth-user-pass|auth- user-pass vpn­lo­gin|g’ {} + This will also cre­ate a backup of the ex­ist­ing files.

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