spice up your musi c with ef­fects

Linux Format - - TUTORIALS -

1) Choose your track

At this point it’s prob­a­bly a good idea to press your track’s solo but­ton, S, un­less you’re deter­mined that first you want to hear the new plugin’s ef­fect against the whole song. Oth­er­wise, right-click your cho­sen track in the left pane for tracks and choose Track Prop­er­ties.

2) Choose your plugin(s)

From the new Track win­dow, choose the Plug­ins tab and then click the Add but­ton. De­pend­ing on what you’ve in­stalled, you will now have a Plug­ins menu that may have hun­dreds of en­tries! In the top right is a drop-down box for fil­ter­ing what kind of plugin you want, such as LADSPA or VST for ex­am­ple. Choose the plugin you want and press OK. A new win­dow may ap­pear de­pend­ing on whether or not the plugin has a con­trol win­dow.

3) En­able your plugin

The plugin will now dis­play in a new list in the Plug­ins tab, with a dark icon on the left, rep­re­sent­ing a light not switched on. Click on the light to en­able it, and it will turn green. The plugin will en­able as soon as you click the light, and click OK when you’re done.

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