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Many KDE users get ner­vous at the very men­tion of the word akonadi and pre­fer to turn this in­for­ma­tion man­age­ment ser­vice off. De­spite this prej­u­dice, Zan­shin –a Plasma- cen­tric or­gan­iser – works like a charm and proves that Akonadi is more use­ful than you might ex­pect. From the end-user per­spec­tive, it looks like a neat, smart and su­per­pro­duc­tive tool for get­ting things done. Zan­shin is pow­er­ful, yet it has a very low en­try bar­rier, which means that you just launch it and start adding new items in­stantly.

The de­sign of Zan­shin im­plies in­te­gra­tion with a re­source en­tity such as Google Cal­en­dar and Tasks, Mi­crosoft Ex­change Server, a DAV group­ware re­source, or a lo­cal iCal cal­en­dar file. Once you’ve added the re­source, you can add projects and con­texts (se­man­tic links) and pop­u­late it with your items. An item is sim­ply any string you type in the cen­tral part of the Zan­shin win­dow, just like in a chat. An item can have both a start date and a due date and you can also set it to re­cur at set in­ter­vals – daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. It’s bet­ter to ex­pe­ri­ence the work­flow than to de­scribe it, so if you feel you need a help­ing tool for putting things in or­der, Zan­shin can be a per­fect com­pan­ion.

The ap­pli­ca­tion fea­tures an ‘In­box’ folder where you can re­ceive to-do tasks from other sources. For in­stance, this will in­te­grate with KMail and lets you turn an email into a task in your mail­box and see it later in Zan­shin’s in­box. There’s a sim­pler path, though, too: just press Alt+F2 and write any­thing with the ‘todo:’ pre­fix, and this will also work. As long as Zan­shin has ties with KDE PIM and KRun­ner, it ben­e­fits from run­ning in Plasma, but it still keeps all its core fea­tures else­where. The rea­son Zan­shin is so ef­fec­tive is be­cause of its de­sign, which guides you the right way and keeps ev­ery­thing tidy, with­out any chance for a mess.

Re­cently Zan­shin be­came a part of the KDE Ap­pli­ca­tions bun­dle, so most Linux dis­tros al­ready have it and you don’t need to bother build­ing it from source.

Zan­shin in­te­grates nicely to the KDE’s heads-up dis­play and pro­vides a quick way for writ­ing down your thoughts and tasks.

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