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Marker is a sim­ple, user-friendly edi­tor that’s aimed at peo­ple who have never used Mark­down be­fore, but are keen to try it. The in­ter­face is very clean as is typ­i­cal for a mod­ern GTK3based ap­pli­ca­tion. The left half of the screen is for cod­ing in Mark­down, while the right half ren­ders your code into a fi­nal view. Mark­down’s po­ten­tial is huge – it not only al­lows you to ap­ply rich for­mat­ting to text, but can also be used to de­scribe plots and for­mu­lae, write down the­o­rems and laws, and in­sert ob­jects.

Al­though you need to know or learn the syn­tax some­where else, Marker helps you with its high­light­ing fea­ture and ex­tras like the built-in sketcher (Ctrl+D), which en­ables you to draw sim­ple scrib­bles and in­sert them into a doc­u­ment as PNG files. Hav­ing a Paint- like edi­tor right at your fin­ger­tip is def­i­nitely a bonus!

How­ever, Marker’s in­ter­face is so min­i­mal­ist that you can ac­ci­dently skip some of its fea­tures – in­clud­ing the sketcher – un­less you dis­cover the ‘Key­board short­cuts’ sec­tion in Marker’s main menu. The edi­tor ac­tu­ally of­fers a steep learn­ing curve for novice users by pro­vid­ing a large set of help­ful short­cuts. These en­able you to make your text bold or italic, switch be­tween sans serif and mono fonts, and also tog­gle dis­play modes. De­pend­ing on your habits, Marker can show the pre­view panel as a sep­a­rate win­dow, or even hide its pan­els at will.

The rest of Marker’s ca­pa­bil­i­ties are cred­ited to the power of var­i­ous ex­ten­sions and third-party mod­ules, rather than the edi­tor’s GTK3 in­ter­face. For ex­am­ple, Marker ships with two mod­ules for ren­der­ing TeX math, specif­i­cally KaTeX and MathJax, and you can se­lect be­tween the two in the Marker set­tings win­dow. The in­te­gra­tion with Pan­doc en­ables Marker to ex­port doc­u­ments to RTF, ODT and DOCX for­mat.

So, we can rec­om­mend this soft­ware pri­mar­ily for sci­en­tific use, al­though it works great for ev­ery­one.

A per­fectly small app for en­ter­ing the world of Mark­down. Also, don’t miss the built-in image edi­tor!

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