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I must com­ment on the Let­ter of the month in LXF232. Your (usu­ally great) magazine urges peo­ple to “Get into Linux”, but then when some­one asks for some help they are ridiculed about Google, and told that a “beginner” is usu­ally com­pe­tent. If Linux is go­ing to be­come more main­stream then we all need to get away from adopt­ing an elit­ist at­ti­tude.

I seem to spend half my life pro­mot­ing Linux as op­posed to Ex­pen­sive OS, and OpenOf­fice soft­ware in­stead of pre-in­stalled Of­fice, so com­ments like yours do not help. SteveWard,vi­ae­mail

Neil says

Thanks for your mail and I’ve taken your feed­back to heart. First you’re ab­so­lutely cor­rect we should be wel­com­ing new­com­ers to Linux, and on the whole I think we do. Just in my de­fence I’m not sure how jok­ingly sug­gest­ing some­one use Google is elit­ist? Es­pe­cially as I then go on to an­swer their ques­tion.

Cur­rently, my as­sess­ment of the Linux ecosys­tem is that to use most Linux dis­tros, even as a “beginner”, you need to be a com­pe­tent PC user. How else are you ex­pect­ing peo­ple to in­stall Linux? That cer­tainly re­quires quite a level of knowl­edge to be­gin with – how to boot a PC from a dif­fer­ent medium, write an ISO to a DVD or USB stick, sort out UEFI is­sues, un­der­stand ba­sic par­ti­tions and more – is that beginner stuff? Gen­uine ques­tion.

Along­side that, if you want to use Linux you’re ab­so­lutely go­ing to be search­ing/ask­ing for help. There’s noth­ing wrong with that – we do it on a daily ba­sis. So I do agree with you, per­haps my joky na­ture doesn’t al­ways come across as well as I think!

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