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We’ve got all the fun facts on these fas­ci­nat­ing birds

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Feath­ered friends These cute lit­tle birds look a lot like pen­guins, but they’re dif­fer­ent in many ways! Puffins live in the north­ern seas and they’re much smaller than pen­guins, at around 18cm tall. Puffins are known for their colour­ful beaks or bills but they only look like this dur­ing mat­ing sea­son.

Just keep swim­ming Puffins have or­ange legs and black and white feath­ers that are com­pletely wa­ter­proof. These come in handy as puffins spend a lot of time swim­ming un­der­wa­ter. These beau­ti­ful birds are ex­cel­lent swim­mers. They are able to use their webbed feet as rud­ders and dive un­der­wa­ter in search of food like fish and sea worms.

Sky high Did you know that puffins are fast fly­ers? They can flap their wings up to 400 times a minute, which means they can fly up to 85km/hr. Wow! They spend most of their time fly­ing over the open ocean, and rest­ing on the waves when they’re not fly­ing or swim­ming.

Fam­ily tree Puffins lay about one egg per year, and they usu­ally mate for life. They make great par­ents, tak­ing turns be­tween the male and fe­male to take care of the baby. They dig bur­rows in the ground to keep the baby warm. They also carry food to their ba­bies, some­times bring­ing up to 30 fish at a time!

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