Little Angel - - MERRY -

Lla­mas are close rel­a­tives of camels, but they don’t have any humps! While camels pre­fer to live in hot, dry places, lla­mas are suited to colder con­di­tions be­cause they’re cov­ered in wool, like a sheep. Lla­mas are found in South Amer­ica.

Lla­mas have a looong his­tory of help­ing hu­mans out. For cen­turies, they’ve been used as pack an­i­mals to help us carry stuff over great dis­tances. Their soft wool is also used to make ropes, rugs and fab­ric. Even their poop, known as “llama beans”, can be used as fuel and fer­tiliser!

Lla­mas love their fam­i­lies and al­ways stick close to their herd. They talk to each other with their ears, tails and by hum­ming. Mothers cud­dle and hum to their ba­bies when they’re born. Lla­mas are also in­cred­i­bly brave and will de­fend live­stock such as sheep and goats against preda­tors!

We all know spit­ting is rude, right? Lla­mas can some­times have bad man­ners and may spit when they’re grumpy. But don’t worry, most of the time they’re just spit­ting at each other to show who’s boss. Lla­mas are also known to stick their tongues out when they’re cross. LOL!

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