Meet the star of REDDOG: True Blue


Hi Phoenix! What can we ex­pect from REDDOG: TrueBlue?

This movie is about fam­ily, friend­ship and ad­ven­ture! It’s a story about Red Dog’s be­gin­nings in the Pil­bara in West­ern Aus­tralia and the ad­ven­tures he goes on with his best mate Mick, played by Levi Miller.

How did you get the role? Was there a spe­cial au­di­tion process?

Yes, I had to au­di­tion! The di­rec­tor Kriv Sten­ders and pro­ducer Nel­son Woss went on a big search to find the right dog and luck­ily I got the part! I’m Koko’s cousin (Koko played RED DOG in the first film) – so act­ing runs in our fam­ily.

The real life RED DOG story took place in Pil­bara. Was the movie filmed in Pil­bara?

Yes, we filmed in the beau­ti­ful Pil­bara re­gion just like in the first film. Ev­ery­one in the com­mu­nity loves Red Dog; many peo­ple have sto­ries of meet­ing him on his ad­ven­tures so they’re very sup­port­ive and love to be in­volved in telling his story. There was so much

space for me to run around on set and get nice and red from the dirt, just like the real Red Dog!

What are the sim­i­lar­i­ties and dif­fer­ences be­tween you and Blue?

Blue is very mis­chievous, al­ways plays tricks on the adults with Mick. I am more obe­di­ent af­ter be­ing trained to per­form. But we’re both very loyal and friendly – we both love Levi/Mick!

Did you have to learn any spe­cial tricks for the movie?

I learnt to jump on a mo­tor­cy­cle for one scene, which was fun! I howl when­ever I hear some­one sing and I learnt to crawl so I could work in a cave.

Is this your first movie? What is it like be­ing a movie star? Do you get recog­nised and asked for au­to­graphs, pho­tos or to shake your paw?

Yes, this is my first movie. Be­ing a movie star is lots of fun, get­ting to play a char­ac­ter and do fun things you’d never do in nor­mal life. But it can also be a bit bor­ing! You have to wait around on set for the di­rec­tor to call “ac­tion!”. I don’t get recog­nised just yet – but I am sure when ev­ery­one sees the film I will be a big star!

Do you get ner­vous dur­ing film­ing? How do you over­come your nerves?

Some­times – but I have my won­der­ful trainer Zelie Bullen with me who shows me what to do, tells me that I am do­ing a great job and even re­wards me with a treat when I do a great scene so that makes me feel much more re­laxed!

What was your first im­pres­sion of meet­ing Levi Miller? Did you guys hang out be­tween takes or off set?

Levi and I are best mates! He is lots of fun and very clever – he learnt how to help me do my tricks in our scenes. We got to hang out on set and play to­gether so our friend­ship is real on and off screen!

What were your other hu­man co-stars like to work with?

They’re all great! Bryan Brown played Mick’s grandpa and he’s a big time Aussie ac­tor – I learnt lots of act­ing tricks from him! I also had fun growl­ing at John Jar­ratt in our scenes to­gether. Woof!

What is your favourite mem­ory from work­ing on the film?

Run­ning along­side Levi on his mo­tor­bike along a big Pil­bara dirt road – noth­ing but blue skies and fresh air for miles! What more could a dog ask for?!


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