Set Sail


From the team be­hind Dis­ney clas­sics and The Princess The Lit­tle Mer­maid, Aladdin The Lit­tle Mer­maid, comes an­other won­der­ful and the Frog sailors in tale. 3000 years ago the great­est and the world jour­neyed across the Pacifi jour­neys dis­cov­ered many is­lands… un­til the since stopped and no one knows why! been she was a child, Moana has al­ways fear drawn to the ocean de­spite her peo­ple’s mighty of it. Now a teenager, Moana meets bravely sail demigod Maui and to­gether they is the open seas af­ter Moana’s home threat­ened. As she fol­lows in her an­ces­tors’ foot­steps, Moana and Maui en­counter mas­sive mon­sters and Moana also dis­cov­ers the one thing that she’s been look­ing for: her own iden­tity.

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