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Let’s in­ves­ti­gate these mar­vel­lous monkeys

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On the menu Mar­mosets are found in South Amer­ica, in coun­tries like Brazil, Colom­bia and Peru! They live in forests, high up in the trees, and love to munch on in­sects, fruit and leaves. Mar­mosets have sharp claws and long teeth to help them chew holes in tree trunks – they eat the sticky sap in­side! Size mat­ters Most mar­mosets are about 20cm long. Be­cause they’re small, they’re some­times kept as pets! There’s a teeny-tiny type of mar­moset called the pygmy mar­moset – these lit­tle fel­las weigh about 100g, the same as a bar of soap! Smelly bel­lies Take it from the ex­perts – mar­moset wee is re­ally smelly! Some­times they wee on their paws to get a bet­ter grip on tree branches. They also rub their bot­toms on trees to mark their ter­ri­tory. Yucky! Mar­mosets are sort of fa­mous for their bad man­ners – when they’re teenagers, they can be­come quite ag­gres­sive and cranky. So watch out! Big blab­ber­mouths Mar­mosets are noisy an­i­mals and they love a chat. Sci­en­tists have stud­ied their com­mu­ni­ca­tion pat­terns and say mar­mosets are good lis­ten­ers who never in­ter­rupt each other! They’re very so­cial an­i­mals and usu­ally live in large groups.

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