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Dear Lit­tle An­gel,

I have a pet budgie named Barry and I want to teach him how to talk! Is there any spe­cial train­ing that I can do? From Ella

Dear Ella,

Bud­gies learn to talk by copy­ing the sounds hu­mans make! You should make sure Barry’s cage is some­where close to where your fam­ily hang out so that he can lis­ten to your con­ver­sa­tions. Ex­perts say that only Bud­gies who are bonded with their own­ers learn to talk, so make sure you and Barry spend plenty of qual­ity time to­gether. You could also re­ward him with his favourite treats af­ter one of your prac­tice ses­sions! To give Barry the best chance of talking, try re­peat­ing the same short, sim­ple phrases with him each day. For ex­am­ple, you could try say­ing “Hello Barry” to him a few times each day. Good luck Ella!

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