Oh My Glob!

NEWSFLASH! New Ad­ven­ture Time eps are com­ing...


Ad­ven­ture Time LIVE isn’t the only thing we’re ex­cited about this month, a brand new Ad­ven­ture Time mini-se­ries is air­ing on Car­toon Net­work! Ad­ven­ture Time Is­lands is a five-night spe­cial event that will see Finn, Jake, BMO and Su­san Strong leave the land of Ooo and set sail on a jour­ney full of won­der and dan­ger to find an­swers about Finn’s past. Along the way they’ll meet new crea­tures and dis­cover new lands, in­clud­ing the mys­te­ri­ous Founders Is­land! Ad­ven­ture Time Is­lands will air at 6pm from March 13-17 on Car­toon Net­work

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