You know him as Ethan on Stuck in the Mid­dle and Popko on Fuller House, but did you know that Isaak Pres­ley has lots of other awe­some tal­ents? We had a chat to Isaak and here’s what we dis­cov­ered… To­tall Ta­lente


He’s a cham­pion eques­trian rider in gymkhana and also has 28 gold medals in mar­tial arts!

“Yes, at the ripe old age of three I en­rolled in mar­tial arts and did it ev­ery sin­gle day for about nine years, but when I se­ri­ously got into act­ing I had to make a choice and I chose to stay with act­ing. I still keep up with my train­ing at home and miss it a lot.”

His fam­ily owns a ranch and he has his own horse!

“Her name is Scar­let. She's a quar­ter­horse bay. She's so great and I've had her for about seven to eight years now. She's chal­lenged me to the fullest and put me in the hospi­tal a cou­ple times but I wouldn't give her up for any­thing. I'm su­per close with her.”

He loves to write!

“It's my favourite thing in the en­tire world. I am never more in tune with my­self than when I'm writ­ing. I love to write about any­thing. I'm bet­ter at more ro­man­tic and deep things though. But I can write hor­ror, fan­tasy, ad­ven­tures, any­thing. I could write all day and it wouldn't be enough.” You’ll see his favourite Stuck­intheMid­dle ep next month! “Sea­son 2, episode 1... That episode has so many in­cred­i­ble mo­ments and it was so fun to shoot. We had an ab­so­lute blast film­ing it. Hands down my favourite episode.”

He’s a prankster!

“I'd def­i­nitely say I'm the big­gest prankster [on Stuck­intheMid­dle ], I'm con­stantly up to mis­chief. Whether it may be hid­ing around a cor­ner to scare you or a mind trick, I'm al­ways try­ing to find a way to mess with peo­ple, but we all do our fair share of prank­ing.” He’s great friends with Jenna Ortega, who plays Har­ley! “We usu­ally just go eat or walk around The Grove and such. But re­cently, her and I went to Dis­ney World to­gether and the ex­pe­ri­ence with her was just ir­re­place­able, she's ir­re­place­able that's for sure.”

sea­son 2 starts Stuck­intheMid­dle in April on Dis­ney Chan­nel!

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