Bieber Fever


1. Justin Justin’s Drew very Bieber­first sin­gle was was born calle­don ________ ‘______ 1, ________’.1994. 2. 3. Pur­pose is the ______ stu­dio al­bum that Justin has re­leased. 4. ‘Love Your­self’ was co-writ­ten by awe­some mega star ___ ________. 5. Justin is a mas­ter at this toy: ________ and can solve it in less than two min­utes! 6. Justin is _____-handed. 7. The last time that Justin toured Aus­tralia and New Zealand was in ______. 8. Fin­ish these clas­sic Justin lyrics: “You know you love me, I know you care. Just _____ ______ and I’ll be there.”

Woohoo, Justin Bieber’s Pur­pose World Tour lands in Aus­tralia and NewZealand this month! See how big of a Belieber you are by fill­ing in the blanks of our bril­liant Bieber quiz…

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