Craft: Easter Chick Craft

Cheep, cheep! Get into the Easter spirit with this adorable craft!

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You will need:

• Yel­low patty pans • Or­ange pa­per • Goo­gly eyes • Craft glue • Coloured pa­per or card • Scis­sors • Coloured mark­ers • String (op­tional)

What to do:

Step 1: Take a small piece of or­ange pa­per and fold it in half. Use the folded end as your base and draw small tri­an­gles along it. Cut the tri­an­gles out and you should now have lit­tle beaks.

Step 2: Grab a patty pan and dab three small dots of glue on the in­side for the eyes and beak. Then care­fully stick down goo­gly eyes and a beak. Re­peat un­til you have the num­ber of chicks you want on your card or art.

Step 3: While you wait for your chicks to dry dec­o­rate your coloured pa­per or card, but re­mem­ber to leave enough space for your chicks to sit. We de­cided to make a lovely Easter card but you can also make a pretty art­work!

Step 4: When the chicks are dry, glue them to your card or art­work and draw them some legs. Then your cute Easter chick craft is ready!

Bonus Craft!

You can also turn your Easter chicks into cute bunt­ing by stick­ing them to a piece of string!

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