Sab­rina Frederick-Traub

AFL Women’s League this year and We were SO ex­cited to watch the – from the nail-bit­ing grand fi­nal even more ex­cited to chat to a player ‘Sabs’ Frederick-Traub! Bris­bane Lions Full For­ward, Sab­rina

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Hey Sab­rina! How did you first get into AFL?

I started play­ing AFL at school. I moved from the UK over to Perth, WA, when I was 7. I didn’t re­ally have many friends at school and I thought that the only way I could make friends was by join­ing in in the ac­tiv­i­ties with them. At re­cess and lunch they would all play AFL… I just joined in one day, I learnt the rules and luck­ily enough I picked it up quite quickly and loved it.

Did you ever get teased about be­ing a girl and play­ing AFL?

Yes, of course. I think I got it just be­ing a girl and be­ing in love with sports in gen­eral; at my school it wasn’t re­ally a thing for the girls to be heav­ily in­volved in sport. Play­ing AFL was quite dif­fer­ent and I did cop it a lit­tle bit from my friends un­til they watched me play. When they saw me play it was dif­fer­ent.

What ad­vice would you give to girls who love sports and get teased about it?

Just be­cause you’re a girl doesn’t mean [oth­ers] can limit what you can do. The only per­son who can limit you is your­self. If you give ev­ery­thing a go, the world’s your oys­ter.

What’s your favourite thing about play­ing AFL?

I think I see a lot of other sports in AFL, like it’s a com­bined ver­sion of dif­fer­ent sports I played while I was grow­ing up. There’s high jump­ing like you would in bas­ket­ball and it’s high con­tact and the length of the ground is enor­mous so you do a lot of run­ning and there’s parts of soc­cer that I think cross over as well.

Have you ever had any em­bar­rass­ing mid-game mo­ments?

Ha ha, all the time! There’s one time I do re­mem­ber – I went to kick out and I just got swept up and ended up on the ground. In­stead of kick­ing the ball, I kicked the air and my leg was straight up in the air and I was on the ground. It was a wet day as well so my whole back was cov­ered in mud!

The new AFL Women’s League started this year, what were the crowds like?

It’s been re­ally good. There’s a lot of great feed­back from peo­ple I know who have never re­ally got­ten into AFL and re­sponded to it. We’re reach­ing a dif­fer­ent type of au­di­ence and that’s quite good.

What’s been a high­light for you this sea­son?

Prob­a­bly the W Awards. You get to be in a room with all the ath­letes and staff that make it hap­pen, you get to be un­der one roof all to­gether and get to speak to them, learn a bit more about them. I think the great thing about this is we are all on the same kind of jour­ney that’s new and ex­cit­ing.

As well as AFL you play the clar­inet and guitar, is that how you like to spend your free time?

Def­i­nitely. I think it helps you re­lax and takes your mind off all the other things that are go­ing on. I re­volve a lot of my life around mu­sic. It gives you a bit of a cre­ative edge and makes you think in a dif­fer­ent way.

Are there any other in­stru­ments you want to learn?

I’ve al­ways wanted to learn the pi­ano, just be­cause it’s re­ally sooth­ing and I al­ways find it cap­ti­vat­ing when I watch some­one play it.

Do you use mu­sic to psych your­self up be­fore a game?

I do. In the day­time be­fore a game I lis­ten to some calm­ing mu­sic; it doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily have to have lyrics, just some­thing sooth­ing. Nor­mally right be­fore a game I lis­ten to pump up mu­sic, RnB and pretty much any­thing Top Hits... I love Bey­oncé!

What other hob­bies do you have?

I like play­ing a lot of sports just so­cially. I’m English so I love soc­cer. I love ping pong, bad­minton. I also like go­ing on ad­ven­ture hikes, go­ing to see nice things, go­ing to the beach and spend­ing time with fam­ily and friends as well.


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