Dear Olive,

Little Angel - - CLEVER ANGEL -

Bark­ing is a nor­mal be­hav­iour for dogs and an im­por­tant way for them to com­mu­ni­cate. Dogs can bark when they’re stim­u­lated by noise or move­ment, such as rustling leaves, foot­steps or car ig­ni­tion. Dogs can even hear and re­spond to noises that we can­not hear with our hu­man ears. It sounds like Rory is very in tune with his en­vi­ron­ment and likes to tell you all about what he’s see­ing and hear­ing at night. There may be lots of ex­cit­ing noises and move­ments that keep Rory wide awake. If he set­tles well in his ken­nel, this may be the best way to make sure Rory (and ev­ery­one else) gets a good night’s rest.

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