Be­fore Spi­der-Man:Home­com­ing swings into cin­e­mas on July 6, see if you can un­scram­ble the high­lighted let­ters to learn more about this action-packed movie.


Set in EWN KRYO, Spi­der-Man is be­ing men­tored by Tony Stark, also known as ORIN AMN, so you can ex­pect Spi­der-Man to use lots of cool GDEGAST in­clud­ing a re­con drone and en­hanced web shoot­ers. Wow! We can’t wait to see YENZADA in this movie! She plays Peter’s class­mate, Michelle, who is OMEYSIRSTU, smart and likes to ARDE. Spi­der-Man may be a su­per­hero, but he’s also high school stu­dent ETEPR PKARER and has to deal with reg­u­lar things like WEMORHOK, im­press­ing his crush, as well as keep­ing his iden­tity a se­cret. Luck­ily he has his BTES RIFDNE Ned Leeds there for sup­port! Be­ing a young su­per­hero can be tough, es­pe­cially when there are DBA USGY steal­ing weapons that were used in The Avengers’ bat­tles. Yikes! If that wasn’t enough to worry about, we also hear that Peter’s friend­ship with Tony Stark is put to the test when Tony thinks that Peter is not enough SIPELORBESN and con­fis­cates his Spi­der-Man IUTS. Uh-oh!

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