Back to School at Re­gal Academy



Af­ter ac­ci­den­tally fall­ing into Fairy Tale Land and find­ing her­self at Re­gal Academy, Rose dis­cov­ers that not only are fairy­tales real but they’re old! The school is now home to the grand­chil­dren of mag­i­cal greats like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and Ra­pun­zel, and she is the grand­daugh­ter of Cin­derella! Travis He’s moody, strong and an amaz­ing artist. Fam­ily: Beast Power: Fury magic – Travis can cre­ate tor­na­does and hur­ri­canes! Magic Pet: Nut the squir­rel Re­gal Academy pre­mieres on Nick Jr Mon­day, July 3 to and airs Mon­days Thurs­days at 6pm un­til July 27! Joy You can find her hang­ing out in the pond with her beloved bugs. Fam­ily: LeFrog Power: Frog magic she can turn any­one in­clud­ing her­self into a frog. Magic Pet: King the frog

Rose She’s bub­bly, clumsy and LOVES shoes (es­pe­cially glass slip­pers)! Fam­ily: Cin­derella Power: Pump­kin magic she can turn any pump­kin into a car. Magic Pet: Gigi the mouse As­to­ria You can find her in the li­brary study­ing up to be top of the class. Fam­ily: Ra­pun­zel Power: Tower magic – she cre­ates tow­er­ing vines and ivies. Magic Pet: Vi­dal the pug

puppy Hawk The cutest guy at Re­gal Academy spends his time prac­tic­ing his hero skills and eat­ing count­less ap­ples. Fam­ily: SnowWhite Power: Snow magic – he can freeze any­thing and ev­ery­thing! Magic Pet: Doc the owl

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