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Home is where the heart is These cute crit­ters are so ver­sa­tile; they call wide parts of Africa home and live in al­most any type of ter­rain from dry sa­van­nah to dense rain­for­est. They love rocky ar­eas mostly be­cause they can hide and hi­ber­nate in the small crevasses. Funny fam­ily tree Their adorable faces, ro­bust bod­ies and pale brown fur may re­mind you of a rab­bit or meerkat, but sur­pris­ingly their clos­est liv­ing rel­a­tive is ac­tu­ally the ele­phant! Hyraxes have tusks, sim­i­lar to that of ele­phants that grow from their in­cisor teeth. They also have very sim­i­lar flat, hoof-like feet, the bot­toms of which are shaped like a suc­tion cup to help them climb. Triple the tummy Hyraxes feed on a diet of grasses, leaves, fruits, in­sects and bird eggs. They have a to­tal of THREE stom­achs! All of which help break down the plants they eat. Ba­bies how­ever don’t de­velop the right bac­te­ria for di­gest­ing plants straight away so they eat the poop of the adults to help. Ickkk! Lazy days If sleep­ing were a sport these cud­dly mam­mals would be Olympic medal­ists. They spend 95% of their time rest­ing! Poor ther­moreg­u­la­tion means that they find it hard to keep warm, so they sun­bake or heap (pile on top of one another for warmth) and rarely leave their bur­row on a cold or rainy day. What a life!

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