Do ’ Forge th Boy !

Little Angel - - CLEVER ANGEL -

Join­ing Nella and Trin­ket on their quests are Sir Gar­rett and Clod. Sir Gar­rett is a knight with a cool collection of trad­ing cards that teach the team about the mag­i­cal crea­tures they en­counter. Clod is Sir Gar­rett’s talk­ing horse and loyal best friend. He’s so funny, but can be a bit of a wor­ry­wart! He also LOVES choco­late chip pan­cakes. Yum! There’s also Castle­haven’s Knight Bri­gade – they’re meant to pro­tect the kingdom but Nella of­ten does their job for them. Don’t for­get Sir Blaine, a young bossy knight who can be a bit mean! Lovely Nella is al­ways try­ing to help him be­come a bet­ter per­son.

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