Awe­some An­i­mal

Ad­ven­ture into the world of th­ese mono­tone mam­mals.

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No place is home You can find the sig­na­ture striped mam­mal in south­ern and east­ern re­gions of Africa, thriv­ing in grass­land and semi­arid en­vi­ron­ments. Ze­bras are no­madic an­i­mals – this means they rarely set­tle in one place, in­stead spend­ing their days in search of greener pas­tures! One in a mil­lion Recog­nis­able by their fa­mously stripy coat, ze­bras be­long to the Equidae fam­ily along with don­keys and horses, which is why they look so sim­i­lar. Just like a hu­man fin­ger­print, a ze­bra’s stripe is com­pletely unique and acts as an iden­ti­fier to others in the herd. The grass is al­ways greener Ze­bras es­sen­tially spend their lives in search of the per­fect grassy field to munch on. The her­bi­vores live off grass and oc­ca­sion­ally shrubs, leaves and bark. They graze ALL day, wear­ing their teeth down so much that their teeth keep grow­ing their en­tire lives! Friendly fel­lows Liv­ing in large groups called herds, th­ese cool crea­tures are pretty so­cial. As they mi­grate, groups can of­ten join to­gether form­ing HUGE herds with hun­dreds of in­di­vid­u­als, they’re not picky about their friends ei­ther – join­ing an­te­lope and wilde­beest as well.

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