Thorny Devils

Little Angel - - CLEVER ANGEL -

Wake me when it’s mild You’ll find th­ese prickly crea­tures in the arid scrub­land and deserts of out­back Aus­tralia. De­spite liv­ing in the hottest parts of Oz they don’t like ex­treme heat or cold and of­ten hi­ber­nate in sum­mer and win­ter, only sur­fac­ing for spring and au­tumn.

Prickly pals True to their names th­ese lit­tle lizards are cov­ered in spiky thorns. While they look pretty scary, the thorny devils are pretty tame. Luck­ily preda­tors don’t know that and are usu­ally scared off by their threat­en­ing ap­pear­ance!

The ant’s pants Th­ese picky eaters are in­ter­ested in one thing and one thing only – ants! They will sit and wait by ant trails ALL day and use their sticky tongues to cap­ture them. They can eat up to 5,000 black ants in a day!

On the de­fence Other than their scary look­ing spikes, the thorny devil has two cool de­fence moves for loom­ing preda­tors. They can in­flate their chests to make them­selves ap­pear larger. They also have a large thorned bulb on their neck that looks like a sec­ond head – they will bow their head to pro­tect it and con­fuse preda­tors.

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