Oak Is­land, Canada

Little Angel - - TROPICAL ANGEL -

On this lit­tle is­land lives a le­gend of buried trea­sure: in 1795 a group of boys dis­cov­ered a strange dip in the ground where all the trees had been cut away. Af­ter hear­ing tales of pi­rates, they be­gan to dig and dis­cov­ered lay­ers of logs im­pos­si­ble to move. They re­turned eight years later (as have many ex­plor­ers over the past 200 years) but the trea­sure is so well booby-trapped with com­plex tun­nels fill­ing with wa­ter that it re­mains deep, deep un­der­ground! The clos­est ex­plor­ers have come was in 1976 with a camera, which re­vealed three chests and a skele­ton be­fore the un­der­ground cave col­lapsed. Yikes!

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