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Best friends for­ever Clown­fish are also known as anemone­fish! This is be­cause they have a spe­cial re­la­tion­ship with sea anemones. While their poi­sonous ten­ta­cles are pretty dan­ger­ous, clown­fish are kept safe by a layer of mu­cus. Ew! They also help each other with food – clown­fish are so bright and colour­ful that they at­tract big fish who swim up to the anemones and get stung and paral­ysed. Then it’s din­ner time for ev­ery­one! Cool colours Bet you didn’t know there are 28 dif­fer­ent species of clown­fish! They come in all sorts of colours in­clud­ing pink, yel­low, or­ange, red, brown and ma­roon. Pretty! Oh boy All clown­fish are born boys. They can turn into girls when they’re a bit older. How amaz­ing! Clown­fish live in small groups led by one dom­i­nant fe­male. If this boss fish dies, the largest male fish will change into a fe­male and be­come the new leader. Talk to me Ac­cord­ing to a spe­cial study, clown­fish are great com­mu­ni­ca­tors! They use pop­ping and click­ing noises to talk to one another and share ‘gos­sip’.

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