The Fun­ni­est Jokes Ever

Here are some juicy jokes to make you laugh your head off!

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Q: What hap­pens to a frog’s car when it breaks down? A: It gets toad away! Q: Can a kan­ga­roo jump higher than the Eif­fel Tower? A: Of course! The Eif­fel Tower can’t jump. Q: If you have 10 ap­ples in one hand and 14 or­anges in the other, what do you have? A: Re­ally, re­ally big hands! Q: Where did the bunny groom and bunny bride go af­ter their wed­ding? A: On their bun­ny­moon! Q: Why did the horse cross the road? A: Be­cause some­one shouted “Hay!” Q: What do cats eat for break­fast? A: Mice Bub­bles!

Q: What’s brown, hairy and wears sun­glasses? A: A co­conut on hol­i­days! Q: What do you call a funny moun­tain? A: Hill-ar­i­ous! Q: How do bees get to school? A: On the school buzz! ones­now­man Q: What did say to the other smell A:“Doyou car­rots?”

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