The Kind­ness Quiz

Are you a lit­tle an­gel, for real? Test your­self with this cool quiz! An­swer each ques­tion, tally your score and see where you sit on the An­gel Scale.

Little Angel - - CONTENTS -

You find $20 on the 1 ground at school! What do you do? a. Hand it in to the of­fice. b. Find­ers keep­ers! You keep it. You’re at the park 2 and you see a lit­tle boy cry­ing. What do you do? a. Noth­ing. His mum is prob­a­bly nearby. b. You go over and ask if he’s OK. It’s your sis­ter’s turn 3 to help with the wash­ing up... but she isn’t feel­ing well. What do you do? a. Give her a big hug. b. You tell your sis to sit down and you help out in­stead. Your neigh­bours 4 have lost their puppy. What do you do? a. Help them make ‘Lost Puppy’ posters and stick them up in your street. b. Feel wor­ried for the puppy. Your bestie for­got 5 her lunch­box at home. What do you do? a. You tell the teacher. b. You give your bestie half your sand­wich, and share your grapes and bis­cuits. Red Nose Day is 6 com­ing up. What do you do? a. You buy a red nose with your pocket money. b. You or­gan­ise a fundrais­ing day at school.

Your dad eats your 7 piece of choco­late cake. What do you do? a. You get mad at him. b. You say “I for­give you”. 8 It’s Earth Day to­day. What do you do? a. You walk to school and pick up all the rub­bish you see along the way. b. You watch a YouTube video about be­ing green.

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