Yoga For Kids

Are you ready to Om? Lit­tle An­gel takes you through the ba­sics.

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We Love Yoga!

It’s so much fun and it’s re­ally good for you. Yoga can help with co­or­di­na­tion, and it makes your body flex­i­ble and strong. Yoga also helps your brain! When you do yoga, you stay quiet and fo­cus on your breath­ing. This makes you feel calm and less stressed.

Be­fore You Be­gin

1. Find some open space to practise yoga. Your back­yard or lounge room would be per­fect. 2. Make sure you’re wear­ing com­fort­able clothes that let you move and stretch. 3. Lay down a yoga or gym mat.

War­rior II Pose

Stand in the mid­dle of the mat. Jump your feet apart, one leg point­ing for­ward with the knee bent and the other stretched out be­hind you. Slowly twist your torso un­til it’s fac­ing the side. Stretch out your arms and keep them strong. Hold for 10 breaths.

Down­ward-Fac­ing Dog

Start on your hands and knees. Place your hands at the top of the mat, about a shoul­der’s width apart. Step your feet back and lift your knees so that your body makes an ‘A’ shape. Lift your bot­tom into the air. Press into the floor with your hands and your feet. Hold for 10 breaths.

Tree Pose

Stand in the mid­dle of the mat. Bal­ance your­self then slowly lift up your foot and rest it against your other knee. Keep your back straight and your head look­ing for­ward. Place your hands to­gether in a ‘prayer’ pose in front of you or lift them up over your head. Hold for 10 breaths.

Child’s Pose

Kneel on the floor. Touch your big toes to­gether and sit back on your heels. Care­fully lay your body down so that your chest is rest­ing on your thighs and your fore­head is touch­ing the mat. You can have your arms stretched out in front of you, or tucked be­hind. Hold for 10 breaths.


Hu­mans aren’t the only ones who love yoga!

This pose strength­ens and stretches. It stim­u­lates your heart and lungs.This pose is deeply stretch­ing and can help when you’ve got a headache! clever This is a rest­ful pose. Try it when you’ve got a stiff neck or a sore back. This pose works on your bal­ance and keeps legs strong.

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