Quiz: Can You Keep A Se­cret?

This quiz will spill the beans!

Little Angel - - CONTENTS -

1 Who knows all your se­crets?

A. Ev­ery­one – you just can’t keep them to your­self! B. Your par­ents – they ’re the only ones you trust. C. J u s t y o u. Y o u ’re a pretty pri­vate per­son.

2 A friend tells you a se­cret and you know your bestie would love to hear it. You…

A. Tell her, of course B. Tell her part of it C. Not say a wo rd


The first page you flip to when you get the lat­est is­sue of Lit­tle An­gel is…

A. Star News B. B lush C. Pre­cious Pets

4 Which three words best de­scribe you?

A. Loud, chatty, dra­matic B. Con­fi­dent, calm, fun C. Shy, sen­si­tive, trust­wor­thy


So… are you keep­ing a se­cret right now?

A. Nope B. Can ’t say C. Yep

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