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Tree-men­dous Orang­utans live in rain­forests in Bor­neo and Su­ma­tra. They spend most of their time up in trees. They have long, pow­er­ful arms which they use to swing from branches and hang up­side down. A bit like birds, orang­utans build cosy nests up in the tree­tops and this is where they sleep. On The Menu Orang­utans eat A LOT of fruit. They munch on man­goes and figs, as well as ly­chees, jack­fruit and duri­ans. Some­times an orang­utan will gob­ble up other stuff like leaves, bark, in­sects and bird eggs. Best Mum Ever Mummy orang­utans are very car­ing and will carry their ba­bies un­til they’re five years old! In fact, mums and kids spend all their time to­gether and even sleep to­gether un­til an orang­utan turns 10. Adult males live alone and spend most of their time on their own. Sweet & Smart Most orang­utans are very gen­tle. How­ever, males can be noisy – they bel­low or howl to tell other orang­utans to keep away. Sci­en­tists say orang­utans are very brainy, and they even use tools to cut into their fruit or to hunt for sap in­side trees.

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